Polo is nothing without the horses and growing up in a barn surrounded by some of the best animals in the game such as ‘Abba’ (1985 British Open Best playing pony) ‘Spice’ (Queens Cup and Coronation Cup B.P.P.) gave Max an appreciation from an early age just how important great horses are to the player and the effort it takes to find and train such talent. Just like a top level human athlete, great polo ponies are born but still need to be nurtured and trained in the right environment to be able to flourish.

Having the opportunity to play freak horses like ‘Levicu’ and ‘Sue Ellen’ that have been inducted into the U.S. Polo Hall of Fame has given Max an accurate sense of how high the bar can go when it comes to talent. He has trained a number of horses that have gone on to play high goal polo, including ‘Tick Tock’ an American thoroughbred that played 3 chukkers for Luke Tomlinson when he captained England to victory in its historic win over the U.S. in the 2009 Westchester Cup. She played in 2 U.S. Open final wins for Zacara and also played the 2010 British Open Final for Magoo Laprida with Dubai.Max Secunda Horses

There is nothing he enjoys more than riding good horses and that is closely followed by the satisfaction of finding good horses for himself or other people. Allowing Max to advise or help you when you search for your horses is an enjoyable privilege. It is not just the horse that counts, but the satisfaction of finding something both he and the client looked hard for. It goes to mean that you are trusting someone with knowledge and integrity.