playing2Max began playing polo at 10 years of age under the guidance of his Father, Julian Hipwood. His polo is based on discipline and teamwork, preparation and communication and his insistence on good riding and horsemanship made Max a popular ‘piloto’ at a young age. Max played medium goal polo as a youth for teams such as, Les Lions, Ellerston, White Birch, and Pony Express. He made his high goal debut at 18 years of age for Calumet playing with the legendary Eduardo Heguy, he later played two seasons with Black Bears, reaching the final of the 1995 Cowdray Park Gold Cup for the British Open Championship with Pite and Sebastian Merlos, some other influential teammates have included Mike Azzaro, Christian Laprida, Tomas Llorente, Augustine Merlos and Benjamin Araya.

Max believes in playing open team polo, but in a spontaneous and completely modern way. Players he admires are Juan Martin Nero, Facundo Sola and Mariano Aguerre.

Neck Shot

He enjoys playing with young players and helping them to improve and is confident contributing to theĀ  communication within a team unit.